Corporate Governance

Corporate governance

At Reyde, a company of the Armando Alvarez Group, we are governed by the rules, policies, principles and procedures that regulate the Group, thus maintaining a strong commitment to regulatory compliance and business ethics. These rules, policies, principles and procedures set the standards of behaviour that we expect from all the collaborators who have a relationship with us: managers, employees, suppliers...


In addition, we have a Regulatory Compliance Programme and a Criminal Compliance Policy to promote an ethical culture and good practices in the company, and to reasonably prevent, detect and manage the risks associated with non-compliance with the rules that affect the company.

These rules, policies, principles and procedures are set out in our Corporate Governance.

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Armando Álvarez y reyenvas

Reyde is a division of plastic and steel drums belongs to the Armando Alvarez group.

Currently we are the largest Spanish transformer of plastic polyethylene film